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I Winter Haze come non li avete mai sentiti! Per la prima volta live in un set interamente acustico! VIETATO MANCARE!




Dear fans,

we are happy to announce a pleasant change in Winter Haze family!

In these last months, we’ve been working and rehearsing hard with two new, young and talented guitarists: please, welcome Martina Zavaroni and Gabriele Mammi in our band!

In the meanwhile, we would like to assure you all – we didn’t idle away time, but we focused on rehearsals and songwriting of our second album. We so hope to bring you good news about that very soon.

Make sure you check our updated website and our social networks – Facebook and Twitter in the next weeks.

The new lineup takes shape as follows:

Giorgia Marra – vocals
Martina Zavaroni – guitars
Gabriele Mammi – guitars
Stefano Bottarelli – keyboards and grunt vocals
Low – bass
Matteo Rossi – drums and vocals

* * *

Carissimi fan,

siamo felici di annunciarvi un bel cambiamento nella famiglia Winter Haze!

Negli ultimi mesi, abbiamo lavorato e provato molto con due nuovi, giovani e bravissimi chitarristi: diamo il benvenuto a Martina Zavaroni e Gabriele Mammi nella band!

Nel frattempo, vogliamo rassicurarvi – non abbiamo perso tempo, ma ci siamo concentrati sulle prove e sulla scrittura di nuove canzoni per il nostro secondo album. Speriamo davvero di portarvi buone notizie al riguardo molto presto.

Nelle prossime settimane, tenete d’occhio il nostro sito aggiornato e i nostri social network – Facebook e Twitter.
La nuova lineup è la seguente:

Giorgia Marra – voce
Martina Zavaroni – chitarre
Gabriele Mammi – chitarre
Stefano Bottarelli – tastiere e grunt
Low – basso
Matteo Rossi – batteria e voce

All credits to: Simone Maggiali.

Once upon a time…

On February 2003, a bunch of nutters gave life to Winter Haze – despite the name, it wasn’t snowing as hard as today. 10 years are undoubtedly many for a band: we came a long way together, we got our satisfactions, we had our hard times… But we look forward to the future, the best is yet to come. Still, we’ve got so much to say.

A huge thank you to our fans who supported us since the very beginning, to our new fans, to those who contributed to keeping Winter Haze alive in all these years.

Stay tuned, as good news are coming!

* * *

Nell’ormai lontano Febbraio del 2003, un pugno di fulminati dava vita ai Winter Haze – nonostante il nome, non stava venendo giù una nevicata come quella di oggi. 10 anni per una band sono indubbiamente tanti: ne abbiamo fatta di strada, ne abbiamo avute di soddisfazioni, ne abbiamo incontrate di difficoltà… Ma guardiamo avanti al futuro, il meglio deve ancora venire. E noi abbiamo ancora tanto da dire.

Un ringraziamento ai fan che ci hanno sostenuto sin dall’inizio, ai nuovi fan, a chi ha contribuito a mantenere vivo il nome dei Winter Haze in questi anni.

Rimanete sintonizzati: tante belle notizie sono in arrivo!



Well, did you know we have a Twitter account? Make sure you follow us even there!


Super metal new year to all of you!!


We wish you a great, fantastic, super 2013!!!! Stay tuned, soon we’ll reveal you some cool news about new songs, new video and….  ;) 


Merry Xmas!!!


Happy Halloween!


Hi Folks! Winter Pumpkin is coming!!! Happy Halloween!!!

Silent Deception avalaible on digital stores!


Dear friends Silent Deception is finally available on digital download in all major online stores!

Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Zune…you ask it…we have it !!!

Rock Hard Magazine


On Italian Rock Hard magazine (july) you find the review of Silent Deception! What are you waiting for? You run to buy it!

Updates and news


We are working on a songs for our second album…we only can reveal that we work hard!! Stay tuned!

Press part III


Infernal Masquerade – Silent Deception

All Around Metal – Silent Deception 

Press part II


Entrate Parallele – Silent Deception

Female Fronted Metal – Silent Deception

RavenHeart Music – Silent Deception



Italian webzine Heavyworlds and Metalhead write something cool about Silent Deception! Check it out and support us!!!

Heavyworlds – Silent Deception

Metalhead – Silent Deception


Silent Deception teaser is ready!


Here you can find our special teaser!


New cool review for Silent Deception


New cool review for our ep from Sorrow Eternal Webzine. Review by Darrel.

Sorrow Eternal Webzine – Silent Deception 

First review for Silent Deception


First review for Silent Deception from Italian Webzine Mondo Metal. Review by Marcello Ferrau.

Mondo Metal – Silent Deception 



Thank you to all AIIRADIO stuff!!


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Special updates


Hi folks…we are working on a special teaser for our new ep Silent Deception…soon we’ll post more news!



Winter Haze are proud to announce the upcoming release of the EP Silent Deception, which will contain 4 unreleased songs: Cross The Sea, Vacuum, Silent Deception, The Watchmaker.
The EP, produced for promotional purposes, includes some of the new songs that the band has worked with over the last few months. Recorded ​​at Wanna Rock Studio (Livorno) by Michele Gasparri and Andrea Calvanico, and Block Projects Studio (Montecchio, RE). Mixing and mastering by Andrea Carta and Luca Cocconi of Block Projects Studio.

Soon online the samples of the new songs.
Ready, steady, rock!

Winter Haze

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Silent Deception - EP - Winter Haze Silent Deception - EP - Winter Haze
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